Shop Bot

Explore the possibilities of a new customer experience unlike any other with an all inclusive shopping bot

What is Shop-Bot?

Shop-Bot is a product that explores what can be achieved with an AI agent in the present-day world and making life of a customer easier. It’s is a chatbot built for the Retail industry, which is built for the sole purpose of enhancing customer service, processing orders, and automating processes

How it's used

  • Shop-bot keeps track of the customers personal information by storing the info automatically in any storage system.
  • Consumers can ask for several products with a few questions, then the Shop-bot for the available products in the inventory
  • The customer can place the order once they are done with their shopping, review/place the order, then Shop-bot securely stores that information to improve itself and thus the customer experience

Why your company needs Shop-Bot

For e-commerce, your business can engage their customers in a new and unique way, pushing the boundaries of what chat bots are capable of