Generalized recommendation engine tailored to fit your business' needs

What is RecoE?

Recommendation engines are tedious and hard to maintain but of tremendous help for business that implement it right. Here, we are developing a smart and autonomous recommendation engine which will allow your developers with no prior ML experience to embed sophisticated recommendation capabilities into their applications. Thus, you will be able to bring up the solution within no time.

How it's used

  • Customer provides input datasets to run many models and identify the best recommendation as per input dataset.
  • RecoE consume relevant external datasets and bring best accuracy.
  • RecoE is scalable with full flexibility to adjust the hyper tuning parameters for different variables affecting the business problem.
  • RecoE analyze different optimization techniques and business metrics for each input dataset and provides customization ability to users.

Why your company needs RecoE

Enterprise class recommendation engines take many resources and team members to maintain. With RecoE, that overhead can be greatly reduced while producing similar results for your recommendation engine