Summarize all of your text documents with automation and save 85-90% of your company's time

What is Briefer?

Briefer analyzes a given document and produces structure of the document. Document may contain table contents and images. It detects table contents and bring it to summarized document. It processes the images (if any) and according to the importance, it decides to bring the processed image into the final document. It extracts insights of documents using UTF-8 format by recognizing the key elements in the document.

How it's used

Briefer consumes Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries and algorithms to summarize the given document. It can be used with all common file types including pdf, doc, docx, and more and even reads image and table data.

Demo Briefer!

Why your company needs Briefer

Briefer will save you and your company hundreds of hours going over long documents that can be summarized instantly